I think the harshest thing
About love is the
Given time
The time that is allocated
For each of our romance
To play out

We think it is there forever
That this window of opportunity is
Ours to grab at any time
And so
We doubt
We halt
We falter
We play silly games
With the body and the mind
In our folly we do not realize
The fleetingness of time

I remember that
When we met
We both felt
So strong
About each other
We felt that
It was one of
Those encounters
That stop time
You told me back then
One meets people like that
Once in every ten years
Or perhaps fifteen

You told me I was
The woman of your decade
But you´ve been wrong
And I relied on that count
The missing years were lost
In the promises we gave to each other
In the promises I could not recover
I realized that
We have wasted our
Given time