What if all the things that could have been
Exist on another timeline

What if I didn´t board that plane
What if you arrived an hour later
What if I didn´t like the place after all
What if she found out about us

What if my dad was right
What if I didn´t pick up the phone
What if the cops didn´t know any better
What if I will never get to know the whole story

The things that could have been
Keep piling up under my carpet
Like a body count

What if he straightened out eventually
What if he went back to drugs
What if I had kept the baby
What if I didn´t sell out

What if it got out of hand
What if I walked away too soon
What if he lied to all of us

If I were to bury
Every single one of those timelines
I wouldn´t be able to find a big enough shovel

So I live them out
Somewhere else

In another corner of the time-space continuum
I live out all my lives
In a place dedicated to all the
The things that could have been