We almost met two times before
Twice before it came together
Two times it was almost love
And then one of us
Finally said it
They say three times the charm

When you came you had three gifts for me
They were charms but it didn´t matter to me
That you had me spellbound

Only when you walked away from me
I became slightly worried
About the love spells
That you cast

So I walked down to the river
Your gifts I threw them into the river
That flows through my home town
When I stood by the river

The swans took notice they all came closer
They laughed at me it was a sordid laughter
I bet they know

I bet they know we think them to be
Symbols of true love
I though that was cruel

I broke the spell
But it didn´t matter
Because eventually my river flows
Into the same ocean as yours
So if you then took my gifts
And threw them into your river
As well in your home town
Like us they will meet inevitably
Some day on a garbage pile
In the middle of Atlantic